Advanced Self-Defense Pistol Training Course

Course Description
Study and implementation of the attitude, skills and knowledge necessary for an armed self-defense pistol shooting instance.

We use a building block approach, moving from basics to advanced self-defense shooting skills. In addition to shooting, we will study the basic legal concepts related to the use of firearms in self-defense.

During this course, you will shoot various types of drills; however, if that is all you do, then when you leave, you probably would have had a lot of fun, but not have practiced and reviewed the necessary skills that must become second nature in a self-defense shooting scenario. Our course is a combination of classroom and gun range. During both the classroom and gun range portions, we will use the building block approach to engrain the basics into your habits and also introduce advanced skills. Even professional athletes study and practice the basics, because they know that advanced skills are the basics taken to a new level.

Course Duration
This is a two day course. The first day is 8 hours of classroom training. The second day is 8 hours on the gun range.

Course Goals
Our course is designed to build your confidence by advancing your skills that are needed in an armed self-defense situation, with a handgun.

Course Topics

Equipment and Ammunition Requirements

Proof of a formal Basic Pistol course or pass a pre-course written and practical exam. Students will be expected to have full knowledge of basic pistol knowledge, skills and attitude.

Basic Pistol Certificate image

Course Completion
After successfully completing all lessons, firing a qualified group, and passing a written exam, students will receive our "Advanced Self-Defense Pistol" certification.