Shotgun Handbook

NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course

Course Description
A shotgun is a long gun designed to be fired with two hands. It has a smooth bore (the inside of the barrel) and is designed to shoot a variety of ammunition, ranging from a solid bullet, called a slug, to multiple projectiles, called shot. Shotguns are often used in bird hunting, and in the sports of trap or skeet.

Students will get the NRA's The Basics of Shotgun Shooting handbook and intensive lessons in safety, gun handling, fundamentals of rifle shooting, several practical exercises on the firing range, cleaning, storage, and a summary of rifle sports and activities.

Course Duration
The basic Shotgun Course can be completed in 10 hours: either one full day or two half-days/evenings.

Course Goals
To teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude for owning and using a firearm safely

Course Lessons

Additional Requirements

There are no Perquisites for this course and the material is accessible for appropriately supervised mature children.

Basic Pistol Certificate image

Course Completion
After successfully completing all lessons, firing a qualified group, and passing a written exam, students will receive a "Basic Practical" certification.

For best results, the shotgun shooting skills exercise is repeated several times, with feedback from the instructor