Wisconsin Firearm Safety Training Course

Course Description
Upon completion of this course, the student can then apply for their Wisconsin Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit.

This course meets the Wisconsin JUS 17.03 act and we use the course materials provided to us by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Students will receive a certificate of training and also an affidavit of training from Firearms Professional Training, Inc. Those documents are required for your submission of the permit application.

Course Lessons These following topics are covered in this 4 hour course:

  1. Fundamental Firearm Safety
  2. Basic Pistol

    • Handgun Parts Identification
    • Semi-Auto/Revolver
    • Function
    • Clearing Malfunctions
  3. Firearm Storage
  4. Safe Carry Considerations
  5. Legal Implications of Concealed Carry of a Weapon (CCW)
  6. Concealed Carry of Weapon (CCW) License

Range Reguirements: Firing of a firearm is not required for this training course.

We provide all the training materials and for your added convenience we provide photos and fingerprint cards at no additional cost.

By state law, the instructor has the discretion to not grant a course completion certificate.