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    Dennis_PassPort2 Dub Smith has been a gun enthusiast from an early age. He learned to shoot pistols, shotguns, and rifles while growing up and has loved the shooting sports ever since. When Dub joined the Navy, it provided him an opportunity to increase his knowledge of firearms.

    Sailors in the U.S. Navy have primary job classifications known as Ratings, similar to the Army’s MOS designations. His U.S. Navy Rating was Naval Aircrew Aviation Warfare. Dub obtained two Naval Aircrewman designations. He was an (AWR) Aircrewman in tactical helicopters and an (AWO) Aircrewman in tactical maritime patrol planes.

    In addition to his primary Rating of AW, he held other jobs within and also outside of his lead Rating of AW. Within the AW Rating, he was in the Navy’s Special Operations Aviation Rescue Swimmer group. An Aviation Rescue Swimmer performs Search and Rescue (SAR), Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) missions too.

    As an AW Tactical Helicopter Aircrewman and an Aviation Rescue Swimmer, he trained with various handguns, rifles and also helicopter heavy weapons systems too.

    Outside of the AW Rating, he performed a few other jobs too. One was a Naval Aviation Water Survival Training Instructor. This job was to provide aviation survival and safety qualification training for Navy and Marine Corps Aviators as well as civilian employees from the Dept. of Defense.

    Dub was offered the chance to volunteer for a tour of duty with the Naval Security Force (NSF). Marine Corps Security Force Cadre Trainers of the Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team (FAST) are responsible for the NSF training program that he attended. That training course was an exciting and fun opportunity to learn advanced tactical firearms skills and also gain real world experience in anti-terrorism, force protection, and personnel protection.

    After serving with the Naval Security Force, Dub volunteered for a tour as a Military Policeman. While attending the initial law enforcement course and later while serving as a Military Police officer he trained with a variety of firearms (handguns, shotguns, and rifles) and gained further tactical training and experience.

    During his time as an AW, NSF and as an MP he had the opportunity to participate in many high-level operations. Those activities provided him with invaluable experience.

    For example, as an AW in both Tactical Maritime Patrol and Tactical Helicopters he participated in Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF) operations, conducting operations throughout their Joint Operating Area.

    With the NSF and MP’s, he worked with the Secret Service on their Presidential Security Detail at his base when the President visited the area. On a regular basis, he collaborated with the U.S. Marshall’s to support their Aviation Prisoner Transport flights. And Local Law Enforcement SWAT Teams trained on his base, giving him an opportunity to learn from them too.

    Dub is a certified instructor, facilitator, and curriculum developer. He has years of experience teaching all sorts of subjects and teaching firearms training courses has provided him with the opportunity to combine those years of teaching experience with his love of shooting guns.

    Dub wrote and published a book named "A Citizens Guide to Illinois Concealed Carry". It covers the many laws that govern concealed carry in Illinois and explains the law passed granting us the freedom to carry a concealed handgun in Illinois. This book is provided for free to customers of FPT; however, it is available to all for a minimal price, and if you want a copy, then please contact us.

    An opportunity is available for a part-time firearms instructor. In this role you will plan, coordinate, and teach firearms training. The minimum qualification for this job is certification as: 1. Certified NRA Instructor, and 2. A Certified Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor. Send resumes to HR@FirearmsProfessionalTraining.com